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About Us

Delivering affordable and scalable, learning solutions and ebooks with Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) padegogy.


“To be the number one resource platform for all types of digital education textbooks, general books and a provider of scalable and effective education solutions for learning institutions”

AfricLearn is a cloud based e-book and digital learning management system solution driven by a vibrant and innovative company which applies cutting edge technology to, e-book content distribution, schools and other education settings. AfricLearn is underpinned by a flexible digital technology which enables e-books and contents to be easily aligned with the requirements of individual readers, teaching establishments and various curriculums.

AfricLearn provides access for publishers of Educational and Non Educational (Fiction & Non Fiction) e-books to distribute and sell their books digitally via a secured platform with a piracy protected DRM technology.

Our products and services enables private readers, publishers, teachers, schools and education establishments to enhance individual and collective user reading and learning experiences, by utilising a modern flexible solution which stimulate creativity, generate excitement and motivates general readers and students whilst maintaining the required depth of knowledge.

AfricLearn’s e-books and educational textbook resources can be accessed by users across the following types of personal devices.

  • iPhone and iPads via IOS reader apps
  • Smartphone and Tablets via Android reader apps
  • Laptops / Windows PC via browser and web access including reader app for windows PC to enable offline activities

Users no longer need to buy customised tablets in order to access e-books or educational textbooks or contents, they can now use their personal devices to access their purchased books which comes with a bank of assessment exam questions.

Contents within the AfricLearn platform for each unique user, can be accessed across the above multiple device types which allows the BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) enabled pedagogy, providing personalized learning and guaranteeing improved learning outcomes. As a result users or students can access their reading or study materials on their personal mobile phones, tablet devices, home computers or personal laptops in online and offline modes.

User Types :

  • Private Users can purchase quality educational textbooks and other types of e-books directly from the AfricLearn website and access the e-books on their mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs both offline and online.
  • Secondary Schools can leverage an effective learning management system that provides access to all required textbook, including past exam and mock questions, assessment sections including reports and analytics
  • Universities can also leverage the effective learning management system with tailored faculty and department structures with access to available university textbooks, including flipped classroom assessment questions, reports and analytics
  • Publishers will be able to leverage the AfricLearn platform to publish their books and list them for sale including having them assigned to schools where they have a supply agreement.
  • School Management including Governments will have a learning management solution that comes with actual curriculum aligned textbooks and bank of exam questions which can be used in improving their schools with minimal set up costs
  • Parents will also have the ability to access and view performances of their wards including a graphical view of percentage of curriculum covered.