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Delivering effective learning management solution for schools with embeded curriculum aligned textbooks, assessment questions and learning videos.

The Schools and Institutions learning management system embedded within the AfricLearn platform is a cloud-based innovative education solution with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) enabled pedagogy. It provides personalized learning and guarantees improved learning outcomes, with embedded electronic senior secondary school textbooks developed in line with WAEC and Cambridge IGCSE curriculum.

The e-learning solution is designed to deliver simplified Learning Objects (LOs) and continuous assessments backed with powerful analytics, providing real-time performance metrics of the individual students and classes. It allows enhanced capabilities, for teachers to effectively and flexibly control classroom contents delivery, including available analytics for monitoring student performances which allows for immediate intervention and remedial activities.

Schools and institutions can now have quality education contents in the form of textbooks and video contents assigned directly from Publishers directly to schools and their students. Thereby creating a collaborative and interactive platform, where students and educational entities can access curriculum contents developed to meet international standards (WAEC, Cambridge IGCSE, NECO etc.) standards.

The AfricLearn solution also provides students access to practise past and mock examination materials, including studying and reading their textbooks online and offline. Additionally it allows teachers to develop and build class specific questions and contents with the ability to simultaneously distribute the questions and content to students.

The Aficlearn solution is easy & simple to implement. Being a cloud-based platform, no hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain. All schools and users can access AfricLearn from their own convenient devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and laptops.

The AfricLearn solution aims to provide secondary schools access to a learning framework that offers a flipped classroom learning model. It includes pre and post assessment performance analytics such as student and school performance metrics that will provide different views and accesses at each user level.

Benefits of the AfricLearn e-learning management system for schools


  • Online or Offline Learning on PC, Web, Tablets & Mobile phones.
  • Learning objects mapped to exam oriented context.
  • Instant personalized performance feedback.
  • Curated content from best of MOOCs.
  • Own pace of learning lending to improved academic outcome.


  • Easy to use interface with a graphic analytics.
  • Plan and execute classroom teaching effectively.
  • Share teaching notes and automate tests.
  • Access student's real-time performance data.
  • Enable need based immediate intervention.


  • Guaranteed improved learning outcomes enabling institution achieve academic excellence.
  • Analytics and data to support quality and accrediation.
  • Instant notification to all users via Apps.
  • Enable education transformation challenges.
  • Parents ‐

    Will have access to the platform via Web/browser to view the performances of their children along with curriculum covered.

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